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Dec 1, 2013 8:30pm PST
. you can't win five in a row if you don't win the first one so we accomplished that and got to keep going. >> michele: congratulations. >> thanks. >> michele: justin, had you two and a half sacks on the season. tonight have you a career high four. what got into you? >> you know what, man? coach always said just keep pounding the rock and what we have done. the numbers aren't there, but we rushed hard and tonight it came together for us. secondary did a great job of giving rg different reads and had to hold the ball longer than in previous games. i was able to capitalize on it. >> michele: the lack of pass rush is an issue for this defense. how do you build on a performance like tonight? like eli just said, mant we got to continue to play one game at a time. we dug youourselves in a good h here. you follow the giants we will always make it tough on ourselves. one game at a time and play together and great team effort and you got to win. >> michele: congratulations, justin. >> thank you, michele. >> al: michele, thanks. look at the playoff picture. new york is still very much on the o
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
's nick stauskas throws it two rows deep. was he giving duke fans the heel? they didn't mind. they throw it back. some fans offering their black la lace-ups to stauskas. >>> it's gone viral. close to 8 million views. a fan and the detroit pistons dancing usher battling on the dance cam last month. jimmy kimmel says, hey, let's take him inside our theater here and get a rematch. do you give it to the young antwan alexander or the usher? you got to give it to antwan. nice little kid. >>> just ahead a home burglary scare for karrie russell. >>> plus, the hills are alive with the sound of music. a preview of tonight's live event on nbc. >>> welcome back. i mentioned it before, that there is going to be a little mini snowstorm heading to areas of central california. plenty cold enough. even lower elevations that don't typically get snow could see snowflakes out of this. mt. shasta to the tahoe area, 6 to 12 inches at least. as far as the rain goes, not a lot. just a little towards the coast. richard is clapping. trying to get that free ski ticket at tahoe. >> i want to go home and get up ther
Dec 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
33 years, his group has freed from prison for death row 51 men or women wrongly convicted. >> do you have to be convinced beyond any doubt that somebody is actually innocent? >> yes, we do. we don't take a case on unless we are convinced of the person's innocence. >> so before centurion would commit to barry's case investigators had to check out that confession. >> there's a signed confession. you ask anybody around the country, of course you did it. >> there have been over 00 men exonerated by dna from sexual assaults or murder, convicted, imprisoned, who have later been freed or exonerated. 25% of those men have falsely confessed to that crime when arrested under interrogation. >> narrator: but centurion found in the case of barry beach the chance for dna testing had been lost because all the testable evidence from the case had somehow disappeared from montana's crime lab. the fingerprints were still in the record, though, and this was curious, not a single one of them matched barry, neither did any of the multiple set of footprints left behind as kim's body was dragged from the pi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3